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Why English Lessons are Vital for Future Success

Why English Lessons Are Vital For Future Success

The English language is a complex, wondrous thing that billions of people across the globe struggle with every single day of their lives. However, as hard as it is to learn, English is the most widely spoken language in the world, with 1.5 billion people speaking it.

Due to the complexity of the language, English lessons are vital for children of all ages. As young children, it helps their brains to develop correctly, and as they grow up, they are able to understand text better, communicate more efficiently and achieve the grades and understanding that they need to flourish in not only their English studies but in other topics too. Studying and understanding English literature and language helps students to better process information in other subjects and can help new topics and concepts be absorbed quicker.  

Trying to decide whether to sign your child up for some English tutoring, discover the top reasons why this subject is worth investing in.

Communicating Confidently. 

When children have a good understanding of English, they will have more confidence in their abilities and speaking to others, and they will feel more comfortable in social situations. 

The self-assurance will enable children to strike up conversations with their peers and make new friends, which broadens their communication and social skills and their listening skills too. 

Moreover, when children start secondary school, college or university, good verbal and written communication skills will allow them to perform well in their classes and after school activities.

The communication skills children develop throughout their school life helps them to do well in their exams and written assignments, therefore giving them access to more significant job opportunities in the future.  

Securing a Career. 

Being able to communicate confidently and in an articulate manner is essential when talking to potential employers in any industry or career. Being able to express yourself clearly in a job interview can be one of the deciding factors between getting the job or not.

Good communication skills are desirable on almost all job specifications. Therefore, your child will continue to benefit from their English lessons even years into the future, especially when they have to compete with others for a job opportunity or promotion. 

Building Relationships. 

Communication is fundamental to children’s development. Children need to understand and be understood in order to stay positive, hard-working and happy students.

Through relationships with family members and peers and a good understanding of the English language, children learn how to think, understand, behave, express emotions, communicate and develop social skills. 

The relationships that children have with everyone shape how they see the world while also affecting all areas of their development. This is because children learn how to express themselves through relationships, and there is no better way to grow a relationship than having the ability to articulate your thoughts and feelings to the other person.

Support Mental Health.

Focusing on helping your child to improve their knowledge of the English language can also enable them to describe their feelings more accurately when they are overwhelmed, unhappy or frustrated.

Sadly many children find it difficult to articulate their struggles to adults and struggle through their crisis without the additional support that could have been made available. By investing time into supporting their language development, you make it easier for your child to explain how they feel, thus making it possible for you to help them. Here are just a few methods that you can practice at home to better support your child. 

  • Talk to them; While you are doing an activity with your child, have a conversation with them about how they feel and how their day went. This will get them used to talking about their feelings while also teaching them that it’s good to talk to someone instead of bottling their feelings up.
  • Play together; Playing allows your child to destress while also continuing to develop as a person as it lets them be curious, grows their problem-solving skills while also enabling them to express their feelings without words. 
  • Read together; By helping your child develop a love for books, you are not only giving them escapism from their stresses, but you are improving their confidence when they go to speak to someone as they will know a broader range of vocabulary.

Inspiring Creative Thinking.

Once children start to learn how to read and write confidently, it is essential to encourage them to be creative and inspire them to think creatively. 

You can do this by sitting down and spending time with your child to write a story. Not only will this boost their creativity, but it will allow them time to practise their writing skills along with their communication skills.

As stated in the above five examples, English is critical to children for their brains to develop properly in the earliest stages of their lives while also preparing them for the world they will encounter when they grow into adults. 

By building relationships with family members and then later on with peers, children already have a fundamental understanding of the English language by the time they leave Primary school, but it is vital to expand and nurture this knowledge through English tutoring so that they can reach their full potential and become confident, well-spoken adults who can openly discuss their thoughts and opinions, construct well-written and grammatically correct CVs and letters, and have a vocabulary that enables them to persuade, influence and inspire. 

Here at Aim High Tuition, we believe that every child should thrive with learning. Our qualified teachers will positively impact your child’s education by working closely with them to help them become more confident with the motivation to learn. 

If you have a child aged between five and sixteen and think they would benefit from some extra English tuition, so they have the additional, then please don’t hesitate to contact us here. 

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