Tutoring: Supporting Students Who’ve Missed Out on Education
Tutoring Supporting Students Who've Missed Out on Education

Tutoring: Supporting Students Who’ve Missed Out on Education

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted our students’ learning and could prove to be detrimental to the rest of their academic careers. Not so long ago either, the education secretary was accused of having lower ambitions for children. The funds recommended by the education recovery commissioner of £15bn were slashed by about a tenth to £1.4bn within the post-pandemic catch-up programme. That roughly equates to £50 per head for each student.

In the US, £1,600 is being afforded for each learner, whereas in the Netherlands, that figure is as high as £2,500 per head. Things are not good enough; the UK government’s £50 is clearly lacking in its support for our children. So, what should parents be doing to help their children?

Short answer: Enroll them in a tutoring programme this summer, of course! Tutoring brings with it a whole host of benefits that will help your children pick up where they left off before the pandemic. Instead of letting that time during lockdown go to waste, they can make the most of some of the free time they’ll have during this summer. But how will they benefit?

Gain insider tips from some of the best minds out there.

For the likes of Year 10 students, mock exams were thrown out of the window. As a result, they may not be prepared for their GCSEs when they possibly return next academic year. To get a head start on this, they can be learning first-hand what it takes to pass said exams with a flourish. Tutors can offer handy advice and one-to-one help focused on these areas.

Tutors have been in their shoes before and understand what they may think or feel. By giving them a boost in confidence – with techniques to help them store knowledge – your child can stand to make most of the little time they have left in high school. It will also have added consequences for their future, giving them the stepping stone they need to succeed in life.

Avoid summer learning loss.

If your child were to enrol this summer, they will not only be catching up on lost learning. They will also be fully ready to take on whatever is thrown their way in the next academic year. Without the regular stimulation of learning, your child will lose motivation, experience a drop in their overall ability level, and forget some of the integral materials to their grades.

This is what is known as the ‘summer slide’. To prevent them from slipping down, hire a private tutor. Although keeping them engaged with school resources is better than nothing at all, tutoring will give them all the information they need without you having to lift a finger! Even just 1-2 hours per week is enough to keep them going. Be sure to keep them engaged at all costs.

Improve their grades

Not only can tutoring help students catch up on what they have missed out on last year, but it can also help them achieve better results. Say your child was averaging a C before lockdown and a D after it. Tutors can improve that drastically towards a B, possibly even an A, depending on how well they take. There are no limits to how well a student can perform.

Relying solely on school is not the answer. Children do not all learn at the same speed and manner as each other. Some are naturally gifted, and others need a little help towards their destination. One-on-one engagement with a tutor will allow your child to feel more involved and comfortable. This will lead to them enjoying the lessons and taking them more seriously.

Make them more independent.

Finally, tutoring during this summer can have further impacts on the future of your child’s academic career. Through a course of learning, they will start to understand and learn the importance of learning itself. It should mean you do not have to prompt them to complete a piece of homework or revise for that upcoming test/exam. They will do it naturally.

This has positive outcomes for the future of their academic careers as well. You will not have to worry about them doing well as they will be doing that for you. The severity of failure is catastrophic – achieving the highest results will ensure they do better in life, and the lowest results will mean the opposite. Tutoring will instil confidence that will last a lifetime.

Here at Aim High Tuition, we fully understand how much of an impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on all students. With both our online and traditional tutoring sessions, however, we will see that your child exceeds their expectations and reaches the grade they truly deserve.

If you are interested in giving your child the chance to do so, please do not hesitate to book an online trial lesson with us today!

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