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Tutoring Over The Christmas Holiday

Tutoring Over The Christmas Holiday

‘Tis the season to be jolly! The Christmas holidays are always filled with joy and celebrations. But something they’re not filled with is studying and tutoring. When we think of holidays, our minds turn to ‘relaxation’ and ‘fun-filled activities.’ When we think of studying, our minds turn to ‘hard work’ and ‘pressure.’ And after just finishing school for the year, why would your child want to do anything else other than switch off and enjoy their favourite things?

We don’t want to be party poopers, but it is highly important that your child continues to learn over the Christmas break – even in small doses. Having discussed Summer Learning Loss previously, it’s important to highlight the similarities with the Christmas period and how your child can overcome any disruptions to their learning development.

So why is tutoring integral over the Christmas holiday?

Fill that learning gap

During the festive season, children will lose out on their learning just like they would in the Summer. This is disruptive in many ways as it can set them back, meaning they have to work extra hard to catch up with where they left off. So although it is important to have time away from studying, it is still needed to develop accordingly.

Tutoring is an effective solution that is flexible for both you and your child. By taking some time during the Christmas period to set up one or two sessions a week, their learning will continue to develop in the right direction. This will ensure they’re on track for their predicted grades – and they can even improve further because of it. We’re not called Aim High for no reason, after all! It’s our job to help your child gain the grades they deserve for their future.

Keep productive and feel better doing so

By not doing any studying at all over this festive season, your child’s anxiety and stress may build up if they think they’re not ready. And, truth be told, they may not be ready because of this learning loss. It’s therefore sensible to carry on learning while enjoying other relaxing activities.

Productivity gives us purpose, helps us grow and lifts our mood. Without it, we’re less happy as a result. It’s also a lot better than simply sitting there and doing nothing. Make sure they don’t waste their valuable time. Enrol them on a tutoring program and see their productivity rise.

Through this productive time, their grades will benefit down the line. Your child may disagree with this now, but when they receive their marks back in the Summer, they’ll be more than grateful for this time spent learning. Useful skills and techniques can be picked up as well.

Spend time with family while still studying

The Christmas break shouldn’t be completely void of any fun. We advise your child to take time off for themselves and fit in tutoring where appropriate. And, one way of achieving that is through online tuition, which cuts out various aspects of traditional tutoring you may not like.

Travelling can be time-consuming and tiresome, to say the least. However, with online tutoring, there is no travelling to worry about at all. Just make sure your internet connection is reliable, and your child will be learning from the comfort of their own cosy home in no time. It’s so much easier!

Afterwards, you’ll all be able to spend time together as a family. This is the ultimate meaning behind Christmas, so have a blast and know that your child is more than ready for the future. Online tutoring is an incredible method of teaching, perfect for the whole family!

Be prepared for January mock exams

Not too long after Christmas, the January mock exams will take place. If your child is not ready for them, this will be a massively wasted opportunity to test their skills properly.

Mocks are purposefully built to pinpoint the areas students need to improve on, and it’s a practice run ahead of their final GCSEs. However, the festive holidays may leave students feeling jet-lagged. If so, then this won’t be an accurate representation of their final grades. So, instead of letting this time pass completely, get them into gear by introducing them to a tutor in December.

Tutors can go over the January mock exams and help prepare your child for what’s to come. Then they will be as ready as ever to see where they currently stand academically. Mock exams can’t be treated any differently to the real deal. Your child must therefore take them seriously.

If you think your child needs a little extra help over the holidays, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today at Aim High Tuition to help them secure a bright future.

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