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Tutoring And GCSEs

Tutoring And GCSEs

Throughout our children’s education, there comes a time when we have to test their knowledge to make sure that they’re ready for their exams. GCSEs determine the sixth form they go to and could even be used to assess their eligibility for a university course. Therefore, it is highly recommended that they get properly stuck in and truly ace their exams. The difference between a 7 and a 6 grade could be enough to prevent them from accessing the best sixth forms out there. For them to do well in life, it is key that they have plenty of support to help them learn, develop and grow. That is why you should take note of these tips and helpful advice to give them the best headstart:

Exams aim to stretch students’ abilities, helping them reach their potential.

GCSEs are not designed to be a roadblock for children. They are there to help teachers discover their students’ knowledge and see where their strengths and weaknesses are. The whole exam process is designed to develop and test your child’s critical understanding of subjects. Their abilities within a certain subject, like English, can be stretched to another level entirely. Look at it as if it were a critical stage of evolution – they are designed to help them thrive. Without GCSEs, there would be nothing to strive for, no reason to revise or study. GCSEs push students to their boundaries and ensure that they are on the right track to becoming the person they wish to be in the future. Therefore, these tests shape their potential; exams not only test your child’s academic ability but also equip them with essential life skills. Here we take a look at the GCSE grading system.

Prepping for these exams can be quite difficult and daunting.

For many students, revising for an exam is worrisome for many reasons. First, the thought of retaining all the information needed can produce significant levels of stress and feel them feeling under extreme pressure. Often students avoid revising as they would rather not think about the exams, and also so they have an excuse in case they don’t do well. There may also be some topics that they just can’t wrap their heads around alone. For example, if they have Dyscalculia – a specific difficulty in understanding numbers – then math will be hard. Or they may just not understand a topic like Hyperbole in English Literature. Whatever it may be, it could stump them and hinder their progress or lower their exam mark on the big day. Revision may be a challenge. Your child may not be able to focus or, when revising independently, only revise topics that they feel comfortable with so they aren’t left feeling stumped or demotivated. We recommend revising together, even if it is just half an hour it can make all the difference.

However, revision and progress can be measured further with a private tutor.

If you’re unsure of how exactly to improve your child’s learning, then get in touch with a tutor. This way, you’ll be sure that they receive the best help possible.

One-to-one learning

The one-to-one learning with a private tutor is invaluable. Teachers rarely have sufficient time to sit down with all their students and work through each and every problem one-on-one. However, private tutors are specifically there for you and your child, and typically have much smaller classes, meaning more time for each child. This one-to-one learning can help them overcome any challenges and pass all their GCSEs with flying colours! If your child has been repeatedly making mistakes in class around a certain equation or technique, this can easily be identified and fixed to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Perhaps they’re finding it difficult in class to concentrate – tutors are able to tailor their sessions to keep them engaging and entertaining. Or maybe they’re not confident in their own abilities. Whatever it may be, one-to-one learning is ideal. It’s a bespoke solution that works!

Receiving more time.

Quite simply, your child will receive more time with a tutor than they would with their teacher. This, firstly, is important as they will become more confident within the subject they’re most uncomfortable with. Secondly, they can build a proper rapport with a tutor and enjoy learning. When they are disinterested in a topic, they won’t learn anything and struggle with GCSEs. But if they are interested, they will try their hardest to pass. Time is of the essence when it comes to revising for GCSEs. So spending this time wisely can ensure that your child is ready and prepared for it all, and tutoring helps them stay on track. As a result, they can give your child everything they need to succeed in their GCSEs. If you think your child needs some extra support with their learning, then please don’t hesitate at all to get in touch with us today at Aim High Tuition to help them secure a bright future!

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