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Private Tutor Rochdale

At Aim High Tuition we can assist your child to realise their full potential, providing Rochdale tutors for primary and secondary students, allowing them to push themselves and excel in levels ranging from KS1 through to GCSE and beyond.

Looking for a Private Tutor in Rochdale?

When searching for ‘private tutors in Rochdale’, Aim High Private Tuition provides out-of-school tutoring in Maths, English and Science, they are suitable for children aged 5 to 16. We have an ongoing track record of helping students to achieve the best results in school and beyond.

It’s not just all hard work, past papers and worksheets – our teaching experience involves fun and interactive tutoring sessions will provide students with a positive learning experience, allowing them to progress quickly in the classroom.

More than just a tutor – the comprehensive sessions that we carryout involve an individual mix of teaching and practise for every student, this is coupled with homework as well as regular feedback to make sure that the best is brought out of them.

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Arif Mohid (MEng, PGCE), Principal, Aim High Private Tuition

Private Tutors from Aim High Tuition

Aim High Tuition is always one step ahead of the game and uses the new school curriculum, to help us to go ‘Beyond The Classroom’ and develop students. Giving them problem-solving skills at every level, from primary schools to secondary school, at Aim High Tuition our private tuition programme involves all subjects and guarantees success. We just ask that our students are committed and put the effort in. Our experienced tutor team are all dedicated, friendly, professional and approachable, we always give each lesson our full attention and have been providing our private tuition services throughout Rochdale for a number of years now, we always strive to achieve the very best results for our students, as well as helping them to showcase their full potential.

Looking for Private English Tutors?

You’ll discover that we are dedicated, amiable, personable, and professional, and we always offer each lesson with our undivided attention. We have been offering private tuition services in Oldham for a while, and we constantly work to get the greatest outcomes and help every one of our clients reach their maximum potential.

From problem-solving skills to essay writing. We can help you if you’re interested in private tuition for exam preparation, or just to help with general studying. The Aim High Private Tuition team are highly skilled at bringing the very best out of all of our students, and we understand how important learning time is for your child.

Why Choose Us For Private Tutoring?

Whether you are interested in private tuition for exam preparation, maths tuition, English tuition, science tuition or even just to increase your study skills, we can help. Your child’s learning time is paramount and the Aim High Private Tuition team in Rochdale will get the very best out of all of our students.

For a Private Tutor in Rochdale, Contact Aim High Private Tuition Today

If you are looking for out-of-school tutoring in Rochdale, check out our highly-rated extra tuition sessions. They have been designed to help children aged 5-16 achieve the best results they possibly can throughout school, setting them up for success in the future. For those living in the Rochdale area, make sure that you contact us for any queries regarding our sessions and online access, as well as any other questions you may have, just contact us. We also provide our provide tutoring in Oldham and Hyde.

What You’ll Learn

Coming to our OFSTED registered, safe and secure centre (or studying online), you can be guaranteed of securing focused, professional teaching from our team of specialist qualified teachers. 

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Private English Tuition Rochdale

Both Aim High Private Tuition Rochdale Centres offer a full range of English tuition from KS2 to GCSE English language. Our tutors are there to ensure every learner will benefit. They can provide help with both English Language and English Literature, improving your child’s written communication skills in preparation for upcoming entrance exams and tests.

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Private Maths Tuition Rochdale

Maths tutoring can be a tricky subject for parents, let alone children, to understand. However, with our extensively experienced tutors on hand, we can help your child gain confidence with this subject. Our tutors plan lessons that provide children with the knowledge and skills to achieve good grades while also making Maths fun and accessible. 

Private Science Tuition Rochdale

If your child struggles to understand  science tutoring and, consequently, finds it dull and boring – whether that be Biology, Physics, Chemistry or a mixture of them all – we can help them engage with the subject in a fun, comprehensible and exciting way. At Aim High, we love to see your children be passionate about the subjects we tutor, and that is something we hope you share too.

Parent & Student Testimonials

Now it’s time to hear the glowing testimonials from our lovely parents

Over lockdown, Aim high has enabled all my girls to stay on track and even ahead of the game. Thank you to all staff for your hard work. We are so glad we found Aim High

Christine Hulme

Aim High is a well organised and professional organisation. I’m very grateful to Arif and his team who are approachable and easy to reach.
Aim High is a priceless investment for my daughter’s continued future success.
I thank you 👍

Aneela Hossain

Aim high is the best tuition I have found for my son. I am so glad I have found someone who has made a real impact with me sons education. Highly recommended if you are looking to boost your child’s understanding and education.

Jyoti Solanki-Shepherd

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