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Private Tuition in Hyde

Aim High is the gateway to your child realising their full potential, allowing them to push themselves to excel in KS1 through to GCSE and beyond.

Private Tutoring in Hyde

Aim High Private Tuition offers out-of-school tutoring in Maths, English and Science for children aged 5 to 16. We have an exceptional track record of helping students achieve the best results in school and beyond. More than just worksheets – our fun and interactive tutoring sessions provide a positive learning experience, and students progress quickly in the classroom. More than just a tutor – our comprehensive sessions provides an individual mix of teaching and practice for every student, coupled with homework and regular feedback to ensure the best is brought out of them. Aim High is always one step ahead of the game and has deeply embedded the new school curriculum. We go ‘Beyond The Classroom’ and develop our students holistically, equipping them with thinking and problem-solving skills at every level. The effect of the Aim High programme spreads across all subjects and guarantees success. All we ask for is student commitment and effort. If you are looking for out-of-school tutoring in Hyde, then go no further than Aim High Private Tuition. Our excellent sessions are curated to help children ages 5-16 achieve the best results possible, setting them up for success in the future. For those living in Hyde, Rochdale, Oldham and the surrounding area, be sure to contact us for any queries regarding our services, pricing, and anything else you may think we can help with answering.
Arif Mohid (MEng, PGCE), Principal, Aim High Private Tuition

What You’ll Learn

Coming to our OFSTED registered, safe and secure centre (or studying online), you can be guaranteed of securing focused, professional teaching from our team of specialist qualified teachers. 


Students at the Aim High Private Tuition Hyde Centre are offered the full range of English tuition from KS2 for younger students to GCSE for older students. Our tutors are happy to help teach English Language and Literature to improve your child’s English skills in preparation for any upcoming exams or tests they may have.


Mathematics can be challenging for children to understand at times, but with our experienced tutors on hand, we can help improve your child’s knowledge and skills surrounding the subject. Our excellent standard of tutoring, combined with our tutors exceptional level of understanding, will make your child’s learning varied and, most importantly – fun!


Many children find science complex and, consequently, difficult to understand, leading to a disinterest in the subject and lower grades. However, at Aim High, we can help engage your child if they are struggling to grasp the basics of Biology, Physics or Chemistry with our passionate tutors available to help where needed.

Parent & Student Testimonials

Now it’s time to hear the glowing testimonials from our lovely parents

Over lockdown, Aim high has enabled all my girls to stay on track and even ahead of the game. Thank you to all staff for your hard work. We are so glad we found Aim High

Christine Hulme

Aim High is a well organised and professional organisation. I’m very grateful to Arif and his team who are approachable and easy to reach.
Aim High is a priceless investment for my daughter’s continued future success.
I thank you 👍

Aneela Hossain

Aim high is the best tuition I have found for my son. I am so glad I have found someone who has made a real impact with me sons education. Highly recommended if you are looking to boost your child’s understanding and education.

Jyoti Solanki-Shepherd

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