Prepare Your Child for the Next Academic Year with Tutoring
Prepare Your Child for the Next Academic Year with Tutoring

Prepare Your Child for the Next Academic Year with Tutoring

It’s almost that time of year again. The dreaded September return to school for children, which is equally as welcomed by parents! There are so many considerations that are probably running through your mind right now—new school uniform, supplies, planning packed lunches and school runs. But with the added health and safety risks surrounding Covid-19, it can be a manic time trying to get everything in order, that is for sure.

Have you thought about preparing your child academically, however? Parents have so much going on in their lives that they can sometimes forget about other things that need attention. In addition, the summer months have come and gone, and in that time, your child will have slowed down in their ability to learn and retain the information. This is called summer learning loss and is something that can be combated effectively by tutoring.

So, how can tutoring help bridge the gap between school years?

It helps them get back on track.

Imagine having regular school lessons day in, day out for the majority of a year, then having it all come to an end as quick as lightning. After being consistently fed information and learning new things, to having absolutely none of that, their academic level will surely drop over the summer break. This is also known as the summer slide being that students go from one level and slip to another.

Tutoring can fill in the blank that is your child’s summer months. Instead of letting them fall back and regress to a lower level of understanding, improve their knowledge by allowing a tutor to pass on their expertise. By starting now, your child could well be on their way to improving their grade before it’s even time for them to be tested. Starting early is key.

This is ever more important following the tumultuous year that was 2020. The pandemic and its lockdowns forcing schools to go online have surely had a major impact on their learning ability. It can almost be seen as an extension to the summer learning loss of this year as students have not had a regular pattern of learning. Yes, they’ve been back at school more recently, but they need more than that to repair the hole that successive multiple lockdowns have made.

It eases them into next year.

Starting off the academic year can sometimes prove to be difficult, especially considering your child is moving up a year. Concepts become harder to understand, and the work starts to become more and more serious as you go along. The leap from Year 9 to Year 10 is massive. KS3 is bumped up to KS4 (also known as GCSEs), and the stakes are raised. Now they will be actively learning to pass their exams, so it is wise that they get eased into it.

Becoming familiar with the material will make it feel less strange or confusing. Tutors can start to explain concepts and ideas in much more detail than a teacher as they have the time to do so. It is their duty to make sure your child is comfortable before moving onto another topic or subject. It can also be seen as getting a head start on the competition – and who doesn’t want that?!

It gives them a rhythm.

Consistency is key to learning. Cramming all your revision into one whole month, for instance, is bad practice. The only way you should be doing it is by learning on a regular basis, so you retain the knowledge for when it is needed the most. By getting into a rhythm now with tutoring, your child will develop good learning habits that have an impact on their overall grade. 

Even just an hour a week is better than nothing at all. One big final push in trying to overcome difficult topics just isn’t the way to go about it. They won’t win or benefit from doing this at all.

Getting into a rhythm now before school starts up in September will ensure that they do not have to ever cram in revision ever again. It’ll come naturally to them in time for that all-important exam question. They’ll have that knowledge with them because they have had that regular practice, and it has been drilled into them for that particular moment.

They can start to worry less as a result of consistency. They will be able to focus on the task at hand without any other cares or distractions inhibiting their ability to think.

If you think your child could benefit from that, then be sure to get in touch with us at Aim High Tuition. We understand the need for your child to do well in their studies, so let us work our magic and help them improve their grades for future success. Please do not hesitate to book an online trial lesson by contacting us today!

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