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Preparation for the Working World

Preparation for the Working World

Did you know tutoring can help prepare you for the world of work?

It is no surprise that tutoring is beneficial to improving grades. The additional time spent learning gives your child a much better chance of retaining information prior to exams. But, on top of this, they can also prepare for future academic years and subsequently the working world as they’ll be ahead of their peers when it comes to competing for jobs.

In life, more and more new jobs appear all the time which require various different skill sets. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the job landscape and brought to the fore a number of considerations about what the future of work might look like. So you’ve probably been wondering how to give your child the best opportunity of succeeding. Well, with the help of tuition, they will most definitely pick up a broad range of skills to enter any industry they’d like.

Establishing a solid framework with the three core subjects.

English. Maths. Science. These three core subjects are key to building a foundation for which your child can succeed. And at Aim High, we focus on just that. Entering any job market will require you to grasp the skills learnt from these subjects thoroughly. They are absolutely essential.

English lessons are vital for future success. Young children will develop correctly and, as they grow up, they are better able to understand text coherently, communicate more efficiently and achieve the grades they need to flourish in not only their English studies but in other topics too.

Maths can open doors to a wide variety of job markets. Just ask our founder, Arif Mohid, who graduated with a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering – a very maths-heavy degree – but instead decided to become a Maths teacher to help similar boys now in his position get back on track.

Science, in general, contributes to ensuring a longer and healthier life through the creation of essential medicines and answering the great mysteries of the universe. Without it, there would be no advancements in human life. Therefore, for society to succeed, our children need to study Science.

Tutoring also helps develop the skills necessary for vocational subjects.

Through the three core subjects, your child will also develop a vocational skill set needed for future academic learning and the working world. Vocational subjects are general qualifications such as Business, Engineering, IT and Health & Social Care. Just last year, the government introduced new T level qualifications, which are equivalent to A levels. They are offered in a range of vocational areas and delivered by colleges in partnership with local employers. 

They enable students to progress on to high-level apprenticeships or university with the following subject areas:

  • accountancy
  • agriculture, land management and production
  • animal care and management
  • building services engineering
  • catering
  • craft and design
  • cultural heritage and visitor attractions
  • design and development
  • design, surveying and planning
  • digital business services
  • digital production, design and development
  • digital support and services
  • education
  • financial
  • hair, beauty and aesthetics
  • health
  • healthcare science
  • human resources
  • legal
  • maintenance, installation and repair
  • management and administration
  • manufacturing, processing and control
  • media, broadcast and production
  • onsite construction
  • science

Tutoring can see to it that students are ready and knowledgeable in these subject areas. Doing so will positively impact their grades, which will then carry on through to employment, where they will use the vocational skills to do their job and therefore climb the job ladder.

Not only that, but tutoring helps build confidence with each and every session.

The main cause of failure in school exams is the lack of confidence pupils have in any given subject. For example, say your child has barely studied for their upcoming English exam – their mind will wander, and they’ll be unable to answer the questions set out in front of them properly.

Students who have been regularly practising through the help of private tuition will be able to form their sentences accurately and correctly identify the literary devices needed off-by-heart.

But what has that had to do with the working world? Well, if you have your reading, writing and speaking skills drilled into you at an early age, you will surely be much better prepared for job interviews in the future. Employers will look for those who are able to form their opinions and ideas more coherently than others, impressing them there and then. They are increasingly looking for employees who are confident in their abilities, which is formed over the regular practice.

If you think your child needs help in their core subjects, then be sure to contact us at Aim High Tuition! We understand the need for your child to do well in their studies, so let us work our magic and help them improve their grades for future success. Please do not hesitate to book an online trial lesson either by contacting us today!

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