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Lockdown How to Keep Your Child’s Education On Track

Lockdown: How To Keep Your Child’s Education On Track

2021 hasn’t started with the best of news. Covid-19 cases and deaths are rising, and as a result, we are now facing our third lockdown as a nation. And this time around, schools are closed to all those but key workers and vulnerable children. Online lessons with teachers are mainly supporting the rest of the students trapped at home. But thousands of children, whether supported by their schools or not, are still feeling the pressure to stay ahead and finding that the work assigned to them isn’t engaging, challenging or enough to keep them progressing.

As a parent, you might be wondering what you can do to ensure your child’s education remains on track. Without the right support, grades can start slipping, and you might fear your child will not be able to further their education or enter the industry they desire.

Please keep reading to learn more about how you can keep your child’s education heading in the right direction and ensure they feel stress-free during the coming months.

Online Tutoring

One of the best ways to ensure your child is supported in their education is to get extra help. Perhaps their online lessons are lacking, or they aren’t engaging enough to keep challenging your child. And, with a lack of technological experience preventing many teachers from getting as much work done in their lessons, you may be thinking about how else you can help your child learn. We know that the stress of traditional exams is overwhelming, but by ensuring that every piece of work your child hands in is top-quality, you can make sure they get the grades they deserve.

The perfect way to do this is through online tutoring. Help your child revise, stretch and challenge their knowledge with virtual tutoring tailored for them. With dedicated tutors in Science, English and Maths, Aim High Tuition is ideal for primary or high school students who feel like they are falling behind. An extra session a week can ensure that your child receives the same level of education as they were before the pandemic and much more!

Utilise YouTube

YouTube has always been an excellent resource for students looking to revise and expand their knowledge. Now we are trapped inside our homes, it has become even more useful for high school students who need to keep on top of work and continue their education from home. No matter what your child needs to revise – Shakespeare to biological processes – there are thousands of videos created with the sole purpose of supporting the education of high school students.

Help your child keep on track with their education by setting up a revision table. If they are receiving fewer lessons than usual due to the pandemic, still ensure this time is spent learning. Organise time each week for your child to control their education and use YouTube videos to help them learn. Just make sure you check in on them now and then to make sure they are actually watching something educational!

Streaming Services

You might think your child is becoming addicted to streaming services like Netflix during the lockdown. With not much else to do, teenagers are becoming enthralled even further with the TV shows and movies these services can provide. But in fact, streaming services like Netflix can be a great educational resource. Not only are there top-quality, high budget productions on there, but also fantastic documentaries covering many different topics.

Whether they need to revise WW2 history or the natural habitats of a range of wildlife, services like Netflix can be very beneficial. All it takes is a Google search or some flicking through Netflix yourself to bookmark some fantastic shows you can watch with your children to further their education. Here is a list of 50 shows recommended for teachers to show in their classrooms – surely there will be something beneficial for you too!

Need online tutoring to support your child’s home education? Please take a look at our website to learn more about our fantastic virtual tutoring services. We understand how both parents and children feel as they traverse our third lockdown, but we want to ensure that education is not one of the things they worry about. Guarantee your child has a bright future and give them tutoring for a range of primary and high school subjects, keeping them engaged and challenged.

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