How Tutoring Supports Stressed Students
How Tutoring Supports Stressed Students

How Tutoring Supports Stressed Students

Students experience stress every day of their school lives. But did you know that 50% of people with lifetime mental health problems will experience the first symptoms by the age of fourteen years old and most of the cases has a stress-related background? 

With students’ mental health deteriorating at an alarming rate every year, and the societal and academic pressure bearing down on their young shoulders, it is no wonder that students continuously research how to reduce their stress, especially their stress around exams. Many children feel under considerable pressure to overexceed their targets and without knowing the most efficient tutoring methods, end up burning themselves out before the examinations even begin.

If you are concerned that your child may be showing signs of stress, then please continue reading to find out how tutoring can offer a lifeline to students and support them.

Lessons Are Tailored To Their Individual Needs.

Your child might be suffering from stress due to not knowing or understanding certain subjects, or they may even be struggling to grasp some aspects of a topic. 

Whatever the issue is, tutoring effectively targets the problem areas as the lessons can be tailored to your child’s needs and enable you are a parent to see their progression and understanding grow. Many students don’t know how to benchmark their learning and record how much they have progressed. This can lease them to feel they aren’t moving forwards.

At Aim High Tuition, we believe that with smart testing and measuring of performance, we can plan our lessons ahead of time to tailor to your child’s needs. In our experience, this is the best and most effective way to deliver studies that your child will understand, and most importantly, learn from, without them covering things they already feel confident with. 

If you would like to book a trial lesson, then please click here. 

Gives Extra Support That Is Needed.

Tutoring is a method that is often used simply to provide extra support to a child who is struggling with any school work, classes or subjects. It may be that they are bullied in the classroom, struggle to keep up with their teacher during lessons, or even that the lockdown and remote learning has led to them falling behind their peers.

Not only does tutoring lessons help build your child’s understanding and knowledge of a subject, but tutoring also positively impacts children’s social-emotional skills like problem solving and creativity. They have another positive person explaining concepts to them and reminding them that they can do it!

Boosts Confidence.

If your child doesn’t know certain aspects or topics of a subject or is struggling to grasp the issue as a whole, then your child can benefit from private tutoring. Your child’s self-esteem can be really damaged if they aren’t able to keep up in a busy classroom and many children find themselves afraid to admit they don’t understand in case this leads to bullying in the classroom. 

Private tutoring allows students to bridge the gaps in their knowledge of the subject in a safe, judgement-free environment. Therefore, the student’s skills will be boosted, their grades will start to improve and their mood and self-worth will be lifted. 

When students see that they understand the topic and that their grades are improving, they will feel good about themselves and ultimately have a confidence boost – just what they need before assessments.

Makes Students Feel More Prepared.

Even if your child is quite comfortable with their learning and on-track to getting good grades, tutoring can give them the confidence boost they need to fully reach their potentional. Knowing that they are getting some extra practice and have an experienced teacher at hand to support them can help them to feel more positive and in control. 

Reduces Nerves. 

Just how tutoring helps students to grow their confidence alongside their knowledge, tutoring can also reduce students’ nerves when they sit an assessment or examination.

This is because students will be equipped with one-to-one or group after school sessions that will allow them more time to practice or ask their tutors for support. Knowing they have and experienced teacher at hand can help them to feel less anxious.  

After a full year of students having to learn from home, with a continuous lack of face-to-face teaching and practical experience, it is estimated that 77% of students have struggled with mental health as a result of COVID-19.

As a result, many have been unable to focus or learn from home, grades have dropped significantly while stress around education has increased. This only adds to the pressure that teenagers feel on a daily basis. 

At Aim High Tuition, we believe that every child should thrive with learning. Through comprehensive lessons that provide a mixture of teaching and practice, we ensure that your child feels relaxed during their studies with homework and regular feedback. 

We offer tutoring sessions to children between the ages of five and sixteen in subjects such as Maths, English and Science. Please click here if you would like to get in touch with us or book a trial session. 

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