How Tutoring Can Support Students Facing Teacher-Assessed GCSEs
How Tutoring Can Support Students Facing Teacher-Assessed GCSEs

How Tutoring Can Support Students Facing Teacher-Assessed GCSEs

Since coronavirus spread and lockdown restrictions were put in place, students across the country have been unable to sit their exams for apparent health and safety reasons. The original solution was to blend teachers’ predicted grades with an algorithm, which sparked a backlash from students and school and college leaders due to ‘unfair’ results. (We explain more into the GCSE grading system here). Following the huge uproar, the government did a U-turn and awarded students their results based on teachers’ predictions rather than the algorithm. Students will receive grades determined by teachers during this exam season, and coursework will be in its place for fairness. As this is the case, all exams have now been cancelled for the second time in two years. Although your child is not taking any GCSE exams to finish high school, it is still vital they produce the highest level of work they can. Teachers are, of course, basing their grades on their coursework, so taking advantage of tutoring will ensure that they finish the year strongly. Get to know the benefits and see what tutoring can offer your child right now.

Tutoring can support your child’s ongoing learning.

Students can always benefit from that extra added push in their grades. Perhaps they are on the cusp of an A but need that little bit of motivation or help to see it through. Maybe they need to improve their grades to get into higher education. Whatever it is, a tutor can help your child achieve the highest possible results they can. If there is an area in which they are struggling, they can go over this again with their tutor to gain confidence. As tutoring is tailored to your child’s needs, they will find it a natural fit within their education life. The aim is not to disrupt but to complement their current academic learning. This is not only a benefit to their grades but a benefit to their mental wellbeing as well. Tutors are there to help them progress their understanding of subject material. With additional support and the active involvement of a tutor in your child’s progression, your child will gain the confidence to set their sights on higher education.

It will help kick start their journey towards higher education.

Speaking of higher education, tutoring can be that handy introduction to the next stage of a child’s academic development. By starting now, your child can increase their chances of getting onto the right A-level or college course and thriving on it. They will be in a much better position when applying for university when they are ready. As they are looking towards A-levels, college and university, they will need to understand that there may be an added focus on coursework. Getting to grips with this now while they have the chance will be vital to their understanding later on. Practice makes perfect, so getting that advice from a tutor will really help them – tips and tricks can go a long way in education.

They can learn to be consistent even when the pressure is off.

Say your child has been performing well during their GCSEs and are preparing well for exam season. How do you think they will react when said exam season is called off? Do they stop caring about the work they are currently getting on with? If they do, this does not bode well for both results day and the rest of their life. Being consistent with your work even when you may not need to is a key sign depicting success. In the case of the GCSE exam saga, the students who are consistent with their coursework – putting time and effort into everything they do – are the ones who will see this success come results day. Those who do not will find themselves in a sticky situation. The same can be said about a ‘real world’ job. If you do not perform to your highest standards while you are ahead with tasks, your company will not see any added success. Tutoring can give students a rigid formula to follow, giving them structure in their academic life to help them hit targets and flourish. Without it, they will be lost and unable to plan appropriately. Here at Aim High Tuition, we understand the importance this time of year has for every child. Through intuitive and engaging tutoring sessions, we will see that your child excels and reaches that grade which will be integral to the rest of their academic life. If you are interested in giving your child the chance to do so, whether in Maths, English, and Science, please do not hesitate to book an online trial lesson.

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