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How to Support Your Child During Lockdown

How To Support Your Child During Lockdown

2021 is here, and we’re straight back in the middle of another lockdown. It’s a necessary evil to ensure ourselves and our loved ones’ safety, but we know it can be hard to cope with weeks locked away from society. As for children, even their education is being impacted as a result of this pandemic. And their mental health may not be faring well too, with 80% of young people agreeing that the pandemic has worsened their mental health.

As a parent, you don’t only worry about your own problems but also your children’s happiness and health. Trying to juggle working from home, your child’s education and finding time for family can be challenging. So what exactly can you do to support your child during our third lockdown – and any more lockdowns to come?

Make the Most of the Outside

There isn’t a lot of freedom regarding when you can leave your home with severe restrictions in place. For parents, your weekly shopping and daily exercise might be the only time you get to leave the house and breathe in some fresh air. For our children, it’s also important that they make the most of the outside.

This could be a daily walk or run, which will help clear their mind and reduce their overall stress levels. They could also spend some time in the back garden, reading, listening to music or even getting into a HIIT workout between online lessons. Finding a reason to leave the house for a short time every day – following government guidelines – will help ensure that they don’t feel trapped or overwhelmed in their own home and overcome with the stresses of their education.

Educational Support

With traditional GCSE exams cancelled you may be wondering what you can do to support your child’s educational journey. Most schools are still providing some education for their students – more often than not online. But, this is not always enough to keep our children challenged and engaged during these uncertain times.

While you may not need tutoring for GCSE exams, you still need to ensure your child is working hard and progressing, achieving grades in work and assignments which will help their teachers give them a favourable final grade. Online tutoring can be the extra support your child needs to excel in their education rather than fall behind.

At Aim High Tuition, we want to see our students succeed. We understand the difficulties around learning at a time like this and work hard to support every child’s educational and emotional development. Many students are worried that they are falling behind and this can lead to them becoming disinterested, or even anxious and depressed. 

Quality Family Time

With working from home, online education and the current circumstances keeping families trapped in the same house yet feeling miles apart, it can be hard to find quality family time. While you might all be gathered around the dining table doing work or sitting on the sofa on your phones, you’re not spending meaningful time together. A great way to strengthen and protect our mental health at a time like this is to connect once again as a family and create memories.

You can establish a weekly movie night, make snacks, and have a different family member choose a film each week. You could make the most of your back garden and play games and sports during the warmer days. You could even start some new hobbies and find time each week to come together and do your own thing, but together, chatting and relaxing.

Creating routines and scheduling time that is purely dedicated to family, you can make staying within the same four walls much more bearable – and even fun. You can also create new traditions that will last long after the pandemic comes to an end.

If you want to ensure that your child receives top-quality educational support, then get in touch with us today. Please browse our website to learn more about our services, such as English, Maths and Science tutoring. We can support your child’s education as we navigate the pandemic and help them achieve the grades they need to continue their education or prepare for adulthood.

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