How To Support Your Child During A Class Lockdown?
Supporting Students Missing Out On School

How To Support Your Child During A Class Lockdown?

Across the globe, there are millions of children and young people still having their education disrupted due to COVID-19. Even though schools in the UK are now open, many children are still not in school every day due to positive Covid tests within their classes. It’s no surprise that many children are still struggling to find their feet after a traumatic twelve months and many parents are nervous about the impact on their child’s education if there is an outbreak in their class.

At the highest point of the pandemic in 2020, it was estimated that 1.6 billion children were not in school, and over a year later, although many schools have reopened, there is still a great deal of children who are not able to return to the classroom. Due to education being partially or fully disrupted, there are still 800 million children across the world suffering. 

Millions of children across the world are trying to continue their learning outside of the classroom, but many parents are not sure how to support them and give them the tools and guidance they need to succeed. 

As experienced teachers, we wanted to share our tips and advice so you can feel confident that even if your child is unable to attend school, you can help them to stay on track.

Provide Worksheets From Home

If your child’s education has been interrupted, or they haven’t been able to go back to their school yet, you can support them by getting worksheets for them to complete and for you to mark. This can really help you to get an insight into the areas they need more support, so you can focus on the topics they need help with.

All you need to do is download or print off free worksheets that are the correct educational level for your child and then spend some time going over your child’s work with them, explaining how to find the correct answers.

Create A Homeschool Workbox

In essence, a workbox system is a new and upcoming organisational method that allows you to arrange homeschooling in a more structured way.

Once you find or purchase a unit with multiple trays or drawers (craft carts are most commonly used as they are made out of plastic), you set your child’s assignments, homework and workbooks in each of the drawers. Each drawer signifies a different subject or class.

The following day, you let your child work their way through their assigned work at their own pace from top to bottom, and once their work is complete, they put it back into the drawers for you to check and mark.

This is an excellent method if you have more than one child, as being more organised means your homeschooling runs a lot smoother.

Create And Stick To A Routine

Your child will be used to a routine from their experience at school, so trying to plan out their day will be beneficial to keep them motivated to learn.

Try and stick with their school classes and structure them to match what their lessons would look like in their typical school day. However, don’t forget to add in breaks often, as frequent breaks help maintain and increase focus, reduce stress, and help students retain the information they are learning.

Hire a Tutor

There are many reasons why you might want to hire a tutor for your child. However, while your child is missing out on school, by hiring a tutor, you can ensure that your child will not fall behind on their studies or classes while also maintaining good grades.

In addition, tutoring sessions are a unique and individual learning experience that has been proven to improve academic performance, confidence and self-esteem while also encouraging self-directed learning.

At Aim High Tuition, we offer maths, English, and science lessons to children aged between 5 and 16 years old. Our classes are tailored to your child’s individual needs and help pinpoint any problem areas that need attention. 

If you would like your child to get the highest possible grades and continue to progress regardless of class lockdowns, please click here to find more.

Set Out Some Time for Reading and Creative Writing

Whether you have young children or teenagers, getting them to participate in reading and writing exercises can be really impactful for their education and health.

Having reading and writing incorporated into your child’s day is very beneficial. Reading improves brain connectivity, enhances vocabulary and comprehension, allows you to learn how to empathise with others, and reduces stress while fighting depression symptoms. 

Whereas creative writing allows artistic self-expression, the person writing learns to understand their thoughts and enhance their communication skills. Creative writing will also enable children and young people to better understand the mechanics of reading and writing, strengthening the essential skills for their future.

It’s always best to know where to start when supporting your child’s education. From simple tasks like getting worksheets at the correct grade level to hiring a private tutor, there are plenty of things you can do to help your child every single day. 

While the pandemic still causes uncertainty around your child’s academic future, you can rest easy knowing that you have helped your child in every possible way while the schools across the country still develop plans on how to move forward.

Here at Aim High Tuition, we believe every child should have the opportunity to learn and also enjoy it. Through fun and interactive tutoring sessions, we provide a positive learning experience that enables students to progress quickly within the classroom.

If you are looking for some help ensuring that your child excels in maths, English, and science, please do not hesitate to book an online trial lesson here. 

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