How to Properly Support Your Child’s Education Post-Covid-19
How to Properly Support Your Child's Education Post-Covid-19

How to Properly Support Your Child’s Education Post-Covid-19

Headteachers and other organisation officials across England have branded the government’s school catch-up scheme ‘chaotic and confusing’. The National Tutoring Programme (NTP) uses private tutoring companies to provide extra catch-up help for disadvantaged pupils in England. During a survey of 150 schools in the North East, less than 20% said they had engaged with the programme. One primary school headteacher even went as far as to call it “a shambles”.

Although the government has good intentions with the scheme, it has clearly not been thought out properly. Headteachers are saying that they are finding it difficult handling the process, with it being too ‘time-consuming’, ‘inflexible’ and having too many ‘inconsistent’ outcomes.

Seeing how the programme is not working in the slightest, with many schools unable to find any positives, it may be worth considering independent private tuition. Giving your child the extra personal one-to-one support they need for a particular subject could be vital to their academic success. With the likes of Aim High, you are in a safe pair of hands.

Flexible hours that suit you and flexible learning that suits your child

The NTP is ‘inflexible’, according to headteachers. Independent private tuition businesses, on the other hand, can offer you sessions that fit perfectly into your daily schedule. Whatever the time scale, be it after work or straight after picking the kids up, you will be sure to find a slot at the most convenient time. It will save you time and effort knowing you have a rigid schedule.

As for children, they will receive tuition designed to make them more well-rounded as a student. Perhaps they find a particular area of English challenging to understand, or they need more time getting to grips with an equation. Tutors can go through with them step-by-step what solutions they need to succeed when it comes to a test or coursework. Instead of missing out during regular school hours, they can gain from the dedicated time put into these bespoke sessions.

Guaranteed results that will see your child thrive

The government scheme saw negative results in the eyes of school heads. Knowing what you are getting into before you even start something is always much needed. In this case, get familiar with previous results and read testimonials from other parents to gain that insight.

With Aim High, for example, our students’ parents have said some very kind words relating to our work with them. When it comes down to it, who can argue with previous results? If a student was averaging a B or C before tutoring but then improve to an A after they enrol, the positives speak for themselves. Giving your child the best chance to succeed in life is the priority, and with private tuition, they can genuinely receive it in droves.

If possible, see if you can speak with the business to get an understanding of how your child can benefit from the tuition. You will be able to gather information first-hand before making a choice, as well as appreciating how experienced they are overall. 

Consistency where needed

Along with it being a reliable option in terms of guaranteed success, tutoring is also incredibly consistent. Sessions can be held weekly and, if you are unable to visit a centre for whatever reason, you should be glad to know that online tutoring is also available. They can even be held over summer holidays where perhaps your child needs to keep on top of a subject to prevent any learning loss for the next term. It can be stimulating for the brain and gives them a head start.

The learning is also consistent. Students should never be subject to a good session one week and a mediocre one the next. Tutors will already have a plan relating to your child’s progression and, regardless of the subject, they will plan to make the topic enjoyable. No two sessions will ever be the same as well.

Here at Aim High Tuition, we understand how important your child’s education really is. Through both our online and traditional tutoring sessions, we will see that your child excels and reaches the grade they truly deserve.

If you are interested in giving your child the chance to do so, whether in Maths, English, or Science, please do not hesitate to book an online trial lesson.

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