Help Your Child Find A Passion With Tutoring
Help Your Child Find A Passion With Tutoring

Help Your Child Find A Passion With Tutoring

It’s ok for your child to be still searching for a subject they are motivated in or excel in. Finding a subject for which they hold genuine passion and excitement can be a long process, and a lot of the time, children fall into these subjects. However, exposing them to more subjects and teaching time is a sure way to encourage them to enjoy their work outside the typical school environment.

We all want our children to live their lives to the full and be truly happy with everything they do. That’s why we recognise the importance of inspiring passion for subjects to one day pursue a career that brings them fulfilment and joy in every aspect of their life. Happiness is indeed the biggest success in life, so why not help inspire your child to find their passions and interests through tutoring. 

Motivation is vital when it comes to a child’s interest, and if you notice that your child is starting to lose it, then it is essential to take the time to inspire them again. Without motivation, children are no longer interested in learning which can be detrimental to the rest of their education. Whilst we all have that one subject we do not enjoy, it doesn’t mean we can ignore it in the hopes it will disappear. Instead, it’s important to rediscover your motivation for that subject so you can beat it, not let it beat you. 

Tutoring is a great way to inspire and motivate students with the subjects they may be struggling with. Tutoring has a much more personal and fun approach to learning, recognising that not all students can be taught the same, and there are different ways of learning. Here at Aim High Tutoring, we create an impactful learning environment without the constraints of regular school teaching. School life can be challenging for some if teachers do not use methods that apply to each student’s unique needs. We incorporate fun and different learning methods into our tutoring programmes so that all students get the best out of their time with us. 

Three types of learners

Visual Learners: 

Visual learners excel at reading and spelling; however, often, they struggle with pronunciation issues and absorbing spoken lessons. Visual learners enjoy a quiet study space to absorb information through reading, pictures and graphs. Visual learners like to reflect on their answers before speaking up in class. 

Auditory learners:

Auditory learners are unafraid of speaking and love to read aloud to absorb information. Auditory learners are great at explaining and understanding grammar. However, they may not be as good at spelling and may struggle with reading questions. 

Kinesthetic learners:

Kinesthetic learners enjoy learning in a loud group environment. They work well with others to process information and enjoys learning new and exciting things. However, it can be challenging for kinesthetic learners to sit still and concentrate if they lack motivation and are bored. 

You may be thinking you possess a blend of these qualities, and that’s normal too! The first step to successful tutoring is understanding the three different types of learning to switch up styles and motivate students in the classroom. Students may feel frustrated at school if teachers only teach in one method; here at Aim High Tutoring, we ensure to understand students on a personal level to harness their brains to the best of their ability. Each student is unique, so of course, they depend on different learning styles to achieve their full potential. We ensure to retain student motivation by tailoring teaching methods to each student’s needs to enjoy learning.

We understand the importance of different learning methods for teaching; we make sure to transcend teaching to an overall skill in life. We are teaching students the ability to apply themselves to problems they may encounter daily. Developing motivated and independent learners is essential to providing students with the assets they need for lifelong education. 

We don’t want tutoring to be a commitment our students dread every week; we want to inspire them to learn and incite a passion for subjects that can help them later on in life. Inspiring students to learn independently is a testimony to our success as tutors as we want to help them grow into problem solvers. Our role as tutors is to show them how capable they are and give them the extra push they need with their education. 

If you think your child needs a little extra help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today at Aim High Tuition to help your child secure a bright future.

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