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Terms and Conditions.
+ Fees and Cancellation Policy

Before signing up you MUST read the terms and conditions below. Please Do not enrol without reading and fully undertanding the terms, condition and policies.

Fee Policy at Aim High Tuition 💰

When you sign up for Aim High Tuition, your monthly subscription fee is based on the number of subjects you choose to take. This fee not only covers the tuition but also gives you access to a host of extra resources. These include online platforms—where each student has individual logins—homework assignments, exams, and specialised software which we provide


We’ve calculated the yearly cost of our services from September to July, subtracting the holiday periods (since we are open only term time). This amount is then divided by 11 months, providing a fixed and manageable cost for families. That’s why the fee remains constant even in months with holidays; we’ve already accounted for those days off in our calculations.


Please note: the £30 joining fee is non-refundable.



📌 Payment Reminder 💳

As always, payment is due on the FIRST of each month. Payments are typically automated from the card you have registered with us. If any payments are not completed by the 1st, you will receive one reminder within a week. After this, a £5 late administration fee will be added to your account.

 If payments remain outstanding after 15 days, your child will be removed from the register and will not be allowed to rejoin until the outstanding balance is cleared.


📌 Group Lessons

All our tutoring sessions are in a grouped session basis. We do not offer one to one sessions as we believe students learn best when they interact and engage with other students.


We will determine the groups sizes and dynamics for your child based on availability and what we feel is best suited for your child’s needs. There is no group size limit for the sessions. Our classes are based on key stages so you may notice your child is in a group with other students who are older/younger than them. E.g a KS4 class could contain students in year 9, 10 or 11. and KS2 class can contain children in Year 4, 5 or 6 etc.


📌 Attendance Policy

We’ve made significant investments in your child’s education, and as such, we expect consistent attendance. Missed lessons cannot be made up, and you will still be charged for the absence. If for any unavoidable reason your child misses a lesson, they can utilise resources on our online platforms to catch up through videos and homework.



📌 Lateness/Cameras 📸

Please ensure that your child logs into Zoom or attends the centre at least 5 minutes before the lesson starts AND must have their cameras on with the correct name on the zoom screen (online lesson). There have been instances where late arrivals or non cameras have disrupted the flow of the lesson, leading teachers to deny entry to students. If this happens, the lesson will not be rescheduled.


📌 How to Get in Touch with Us 📞

The most efficient way to handle queries is through our Support Ticket. We strive to respond to all communications as quickly as possible, but please be patient if you experience delays in our responses.

 Please note, the support ticket is our way to ensure that your queries get dealt with. We do not always monitor messages, emails as these often get missed so please ensure you use the support ticket link to get in touch if you have any queries when your child is enrolled.



📌 1️⃣1️⃣ How to Cancel Your Monthly Subscription❌

If you wish to discontinue our services, please provide 30 days’ notice using our cancellation link on the Support Ticket. The offboarding process will conclude 30 days after your cancellation notice, and you’ll need to clear any outstanding balance before the process is complete. If the 30 days notice goes into the following month then we will pro-rata the amount to make up the 30 days notice.

If we do not receive your 30 days notice to cancel then you will be charge for the next month.

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