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Does Your Child Need A Tutor

Does Your Child Need A Tutor?

Private tuition has enabled countless parents to help their children get the best possible results. Everyone has heard of tutoring, but many parents aren’t sure if their child actually needs it. Well, we decided to explain the ins and outs of tutoring to help you decide if it would be the right fit for your child. 

Common reasons parents choose tuition

There are a number of typical factors why tuition is highly sought after, including:
  • To avoid summer and winter learning loss;
  • To prepare for entry to another school/grade;
  • To improve in schoolwork after a dip in grades;
  • To put them back on track after an exam failure;
  • To catch up because of the Covid-19 pandemic;
  • To give extra support due to a learning difficulty;
  • To keep them occupied and busy, not bored;
  • To socialise and make friends through learning;
  • To study in a distraction-free environment;
  • To encourage the freedom to ask questions.
Parents may have many different reasons why they want to enrol their child into private tuition, or even just one. Either way, tuition helps out massively, boosting their child’s confidence and knowledge.

Improve grades & instil confidence

Our main goal at Aim High Tuition is to help children move up in their grades at school. If we didn’t achieve that on a regular basis, we wouldn’t be here to speak about it! So for each of the three core subjects – Maths, English and Science – we will ensure that your child overcomes any topics they are struggling with whilst improving their overall ability.  In turn, their confidence will increase as a result of tuition. Most of the time, when students fail in tests, it’s because they are too busy worrying about what’s going to be on them to revise effectively and panic when they actually sit down to the test! Moving past the fear and anxiety will help boost their confidence, giving them the best opportunity to succeed.

Learn new skills & test knowledge in preparation for exams

We can all learn new skills, no matter what the subject is. Our Aim High tutors can help your child pick up essential tips and tricks in time for their exam so they can pass with ease. This may be something to do with remembering a certain equation or phrase. Maybe it could be study tips or general advice on what to do. Whatever it is, our tutors are here to help! And they’re also here to challenge your child to see how prepared they are. Timed past papers are a great example of this; they’re pretty much like mock exams, but not official. For those who want to be given a challenge, our tutors can definitely help them push their limits!

Gain useful work & study habits

Tutoring can change your child’s behaviour towards studying. We can make it more fun and help them overcome their difficulties in certain areas. It’s a frustrating feeling being stuck and unable to get help – many of us either give up or take it less seriously as a result. But if we could get our heads around it, we would enjoy it more. Tutoring can bridge that gap for your child. This is not only amazing for the short-term, but also the long-term too. Studying at school and working a full-time job in the future both require skills such as problem-solving and decision making. We learn these skills from an early age and develop until we’re experts; tutoring is just the start.

Aim High Tuition can help your child succeed!

Here at Aim High Tuition, we are experts in the school curriculum, our teaching methods are excellent, and we all share a passion for education. Our founder, Arif, found that he had dyscalculia during his school days, but that didn’t stop him from getting into teaching at all! Our fun and interactive tutoring sessions provide a positive learning experience, and students also progress quickly in the classroom. Not only that, but our comprehensive sessions provide an individual mix of teaching and practice for every student, coupled with homework and regular feedback to ensure the best is brought out of them. We go ‘Beyond The Classroom’ to develop students holistically, equipping them with thinking and problem-solving skills that last a lifetime. If you think your child needs a little extra support with their learning, then please don’t hesitate at all to get in touch with us today at Aim High Tuition to help them secure a bright future!

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